Chaque année, EBS Paris accueille plus d’une centaine d’étudiants de nationalités diverses.

Ces étudiants internationaux viennent des écoles partenaires de l’EBS Paris pour effectuer un ou deux semestres d’études.


Having had the pleasure of being able to study at the European Business School Paris as an Erasmus Student had proven to be both – an exhilarating and thoroughly mind-expanding experience.
Hence, being a very international Institution, I had the opportunity to meet several new people during the fall semester at the ebs Paris. Being located in the famous 16th arrondissement, the school does not exactly lie dead central but conveniently reachable by public transport from all over Paris.
Having had such a big city like Paris at one’s feet, I perceived the familiarity and openness at the ebs staff, especially the international office, to be tremendously comforting – the staff taking care of all sorts of issues and exchange student might encounter during this stay.
The European Business School Paris academia follows a thoroughly refreshing approach. The professors focus mostly lies on problem – based- learing, discussing hands – on cases and them being elucidated on real world models. Being able to be examinated mostly by presenting a certain topic at the end of the course, the course contents can be applied straightaway and certainly in a very realistic surrounding.
However, not only does the ebs Paris offer business related courses to which every exchanged student is used to but also courses demonstrating the historical and socio-cultural aspects of the exchange students’ host country – in class and during excursions.
Furthermore, I would like to shine on light on the fact that the communication between the ebs Paris and its associated Universities dispatching its students to Paris is of finest quality. Hence, many students were comprehensively supervised concerning any ongoing difficulties they might have had encountered after temporarily exchanging their alma mater.
All aspects considered, it has been a very lively semester at the ebs Paris. Being encompassed by vast Parisian tempatations of any kind, complemented by a very warm and familiar atmosphere at the ebs campus, the stay was proven to be a truly multifarious experience.



Paris is fondly referred to as La Ville-Lumière (The City of Lights) and this nickname came from the city’s fame for education and ideas during the Age of Enlightenment; I immediately began to experience why from my first moment at ebs Paris. The campuses were modern, well equipped and designed to foster comfortable learning.
The professors were extremely attentive, available, knowledgeable and experienced – providing great depth in their lesson contents and ensuring every students’ needs were thoroughly addressed. The curriculum was broad, engaging and flexible allowing for students to choose areas of specialization that best match their interest and abilities.
Additionally, the teaching methods were innovative and fun thereby creating a unique and effective learning atmosphere. Aside from the pure academics, at ebs Paris students have opportunities for a wide variety of extra-curricular activities.
My time at ebs Paris was academically challenging and fulfilling, but also socially satisfying. I met many people and made many lifelong friends. ebs Paris is a true educational community with high standards that, through a team of Administrative staff dedicated and readily available to support and assist students, provides great value to all who attend. I look back with great fondness to my time there with great fondness.