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LADA KRAMADOVA | International Student at EBS Paris


Lada kramadova is a russian student from mgimo who studied one semester in EBS Paris thanks to an exchange agreement. She really appreciated her semester abroad and she was so kind to give us some feedbacks!

Three words that sum up your experience in EBS Paris ?


What attracted you to come and study Here?

I was interested in studying business and marketing as I specialized in these fields in my home university. Also, I was so attracted by the location of the school as I wanted to study in Paris.


Would you recommend EBS Paris to other propective exchange students ?

Yes, I will recommend it for those who want to get a “modern” kind of education, not a traditional academic one. It’s more about learning through fun, entertainment and immersion into the culture, which I personally appreciate a lot.


What was the best thing about studying Here ?

I was very impressed by the state of the school itself as it looks very modern and wee-equipped. People that study in the school are also very open-minded, so there are lots of interesting activities and events that never happen in other universities.

Also I can highlight a few courses that I particularly liked. Those are Communication Strategy, French Culture and Civilization and Managing Across Borders.


Specifically, what stands out in your mind as a personal highlight of your exchange experience ?

I would say that the biggest highlight is being immersed into such a diversified multicultural atmosphere. I was the only Russian in the group, so I was very much open to communicate with others. I like the fact that I have lots of international friends now.


What was the most challenging aspect ?

The most challenging aspect for me was working in international groups on final projects and presentations. While doing this, you have to get used and adjust to different working styles of different cultures as you have different groups all the subjects.


What words of advice would you give to incoming exchange students ?

I would advise them to take the courses that I highlighted earlier. Also I would recommend not being shy and try to get to know each other from the very beginning. There definitely are amazing guys in the group, and you may regret that you didn’t have enough time to get closer.